Keeping him away from things that could provoke an attack
The only adjustments I can think of involve trying to keep him away from things that could provoke an attack. We would never use a fireplace if we went anywhere. When smoking was allowed in restaurants, we would always ask to sit as far away as possible from the smokers because Jordan has asthma.


I smoke, but not around my daughter
I do smoke, but I don’t smoke around my daughter. I don’t smoke in the same room with her–I’ll step outside and have a cigarette.


Wouldn’t visit if there was smoke in the house
Up until her junior high years, winters were really tough for Addison and her asthma. Going to visit my father was hard because he smoked, and Addison would just react to that cigarette smoke. My father is a tough cookie, and even though Addison couldn’t handle the smoke, my dad said that it was his house he would smoke if he wanted to. It was especially hard to go visit him during the winter because it would take her days to get over a couple hours visit because of the cigarette smoke in the house. I eventually made the decision that she couldn’t be there while he was smoking. My dad did stop smoking in the home, but he’d smoke outside, and he leaves the door open while he smokes.


The smoke is everywhere
Jordan might find it difficult because both my parents smoke, and they live upstairs from me. He likes to go upstairs and be with my parents, but when he comes down, he stinks of cigarettes and I am always after him about his breathing, asking him if his breathing is ok, or asking if he is wheezing. I have tried with my parents to ask them not to smoke in the same room as Jordan, but in the long run, the smoke is everywhere even though they may not smoke in the same room where he is sitting.