How do families deal with logistics, like insurance and supplies?

There’s a backpack program called “Kids Can Cath.” We’ll send them home with this backpack, basically like a starter kit from catheter companies that we work with. So we’re able to give them some supplies to go home with and then we’ll set up with whatever local supply companies are available.

Diane Manning, RN, Department of Urology


Families often come to me for all their medications or their supply renewals, and I help them out if they need to navigate the home care supply companies. Sometimes there’s a financial issue; catastrophic insurance doesn’t always cover the supplies, so if we have extra items, we may give the family some supplies. We try to figure out what’s best if you can’t use a fresh catheter every time. You learn how to clean them for reuse. We try to work with what we have.

Rebecca Sherlock, PNP, Clinical Coordinator, Myelodysplasia Program