Allergens in the home
We are doing house remodeling and it is my belief that the smell of paint triggered an attack for Caleb.   So we were doing remodeling on Saturday and as much as I tried to keep him out he is a kid he wanted to help and be where the people were.   Saturday he was fine, and then Saturday night he was coughing all night.   And on Sunday he was miserable and then Sunday night I gave him a treatment and it was not helping him so I had to take him to the hospital.   They couldn’t do anything for him; they tried whatever they could and then they had to send him to a pediatric hospital.


A trigger in the hotel room
Two years ago I took Brian on a trip and there was a trigger in the hotel room. I had to check out of the hotel in the middle of the night because he couldn’t breathe. I have no idea what the trigger was. It was a new hotel, and actually his cousin, who’s also asthmatic, was with us, and the cousin started having an asthma attack as well.   My brother decided to stay with his son in that hotel. I checked out and went to another hotel.   And the in the other hotel, my son was fine. Now when I go someplace, I will look up where the nearest hospital is the directions to go there. I will plan for the worst case scenario. It gives you a really comfortable feeling when you get there, because if something happens, boom. You know how to get there.