We don’t go around cats
You can’t bring him anywhere where there are cats; he’s allergic to cats. So if I bring him to my grandmother’s and sit there for a long time, his asthma’s going to act up for the rest of the night, because she has three cats. It’s the little things like that, where you have to say, “Okay, well I can’t go do that, because Jason can’t be around that.”


We do not know if he is allergic to pets yet.
He has severe allergies, but to what I don’t know. We do have a cat which I’ve had for nine years. So he could be allergic to it. We did his allergy shots, but he was only two then and wasn’t old enough. They said by the time he is either five or six they would redo the shots to see what his allergies are. He definitely has allergies to a lot of things which then trigger asthma– cigarette smoking, the weeds in the grass, the cat’s dander. I mean it could be anything. I won’t get any more animals until we find out what his allergies are, but I don’t want to put my cat to sleep either. But if his asthma really got bad I would have to give up our cat. You have to do those things for your kids.


A lot of maintenance for her just to spend the night
My eleven year old cousin Marcie has allergies and asthma, so when she comes to my house to visit or to sleep over I have to load her up with all kinds of medications because I have a cat. She’s on Benadryl, she’s on Advair, she’s on this, she’s on that. There’s a lot of maintenance for her just to spend the night at my house with a cat.


Deathly allergic to cats
We have a small short haired dog, and if the dog licks Lucy she’ll get blotches from it. She can’t have carpets around, so we threw out all our carpets. Cats definitely bother her; she’s deathly allergic to cats. Just everything in the environment– grass, maple trees, oak trees, and pine trees– anything like that bothers her. She’s building up a tolerance because there’s no way of keeping her from going outside, but I just keep a better eye on her when I start hearing the sniffles and stuff.


After our cat died I noticed a significant improvement
He seems to wheeze with exercise, he seems to wheeze with certain allergic things and he seems to wheeze when he is sick. He definitely wheezes when he is sick. After our cat died I noticed a significant improvement, because he was so young at the time nobody had ever tested him for allergies. I did notice a significant difference in the improvement of his cough after the cat died.


They will start sneezing right away
We own a house that is a three family home, and the dog lives with my sister– we don’t live with the dog. The dog cannot be where my sons are, and when they play with the dog it’s always outside. If my sons go to a house where there are animals inside they will start sneezing right away.