transplant key


transplant_liver_green I talk about it with my parents…that life can be crappy, and we have to get through it. And just a bunch of stuff, like eating and drinking and blood tests and this and that and more stuff. And that I am able to do different things.
But I guess mostly I try not to think about it. It’s not easy, but it’s not, like, super hard having a transplant. An interesting experience though.


Walter, 11


transplant_lung_blue I know I have to
PT’s still hard, because I lost all my energy that I recently built up. So I’m like, “Aww, I don’t want to do that. It’s too hard!” I just do it, because I know I have to. In order to get better, I have to do it.

I talk to my boyfriend a lot, because he knows what I’m going through, and my niece. She’s 9.

Jess, 18


transplant_lung_blue Meditation
I had also been involved with the social worker before transplant, which I found extremely helpful. And I use a lot of hypnosis. I used it before surgery- I actually did a hypnosis suggestion going into anesthesia for my transplant- and I also found it helpful during recovery. I’ve done it for a lot of things, and the doctors said that they probably used between 40 and 50% less pain medication than they would have needed had I not used hypnosis. So I found the meditation helpful, I found family helpful, and I definitely think that you should get linked up beforehand with someone you trust for social work. I also think support groups can be wonderful, as is being able to call somebody up on the phone to talk.



purple-transplant multi My family is always there for me. They’re a huge, huge support. And friends, and even doctors, they were all super nice and super generous. But when I was growing up I didn’t discuss it. My parents and doctors would always have to be the ones being like, “Are you okay? Do you feel okay?” I wouldn’t complain.


Katie, 19


purple-transplant multi Health scare
They were testing me for EBV, and when they did the lab, wow, my liver numbers were, like, 240! They were crazy high.

I have a wonderful best friend who I was texting in the hospital the whole time! She’s a great friend, and I just talked to her about it. And my parents again of course were there for me. They talked to me about it, and that was good.

Katie, 19


transplant_kidney_yellow Wanting to vent
I go to my mom, my mom’s a big person. And then I have a friend that has been with me throughout; we’ve been friends for a really, really long time. I talk to her if I’m stressed, or if I want to vent about, like, “Oh, I hate having to drink all this water all the time!”
I go out with her a lot too, so if I need to go home and get something, then she’ll be fine.

Samantha, 22