Emma: I didn’t really know much about the procedure, but for the most part, I was worried. It wasn’t like a surgery, it wasn’t like they were actually going into my heart and doing like an open heart surgery, it was just a- what’s it called?

Mom: Catheter.

Emma: Yeah, a catheter. And I remember my mom telling me that she was really scared, but had no reason to be because it wasn’t like, a major procedure. But it was scary because you never really know what could happen. Even though I knew everything would be okay. Before it happens you’re fine with it, but when it actually happens you get really nervous. That’s what it was like. Before, I was really excited to get it over with, but then once I got to the room and I was lying on the bed I was scared.

 – Emma, age 9, and her mother, SVT


Sierra: I wasn’t happy that I had to get another surgery, but I wasn’t scared because I had already been through an open heart surgery. I only told my friends but the school nurse told everybody at school when I was away.

Dad: We met with the principal and the counselors, and we had been through this before so I knew that they had all the same paperwork and it needed to be done but they were very tactful. The teachers would tell the other kids and say it is not something we are really going to talk about, but if Sierra brings it up you can talk to her about it. Otherwise you can’t ask to see her scar and all that stuff. I think she talked about it with her close friends. It’s good for her to talk about it. There were no issues with bullying—all the kids were very supportive and let her get back to normal and not draw too much attention.

 – Sierra, age 13, and her father, Anomalous Aortic Valve