I would want to ask someone older when did you get your procedure, and does it still feel weird to this day, and does anything still happen to you even after you fixed your SVT?

 – Emma, age 9, SVT


I want to be a professional golfer. I go golfing with my dad a lot. There’s a course we’re a member at, it’s a few miles away from us.

 – Austin, age 10, TOF


In the future I see myself doing my own thing! And cooking. I was told that I am perfectly healthy now, so there’s no restrictions, just live my life, I guess.

 – James, age 20, Anomalous Coronary Artery


I know pretty much everything that the doctors know at this point about my condition. There’s still some holes in knowing everything, like I obviously don’t know what to expect five years from now or ten years from now, we just kind of take things as they come at this point. So I feel like there’s not much that there is to know that I don’t already know.

 – Jake, age 21, HLHS