Varsity swimming was my greatest challenge with regards to being hearing impaired. One big problem that I had competing in swimming was that I couldn’t hear the starter’s gun. My coaches and captains came up with a variety of different methods to help me start my races and helped me personally. Swimming ended up being my sport and I loved it. It’s very peaceful and I never had to stress out about not being able to hear or being left out because it was just me and my thoughts when I swam.


Melanie, 23


I love to go swimming. I take my hearing aids out. At my swim camp, I can kind of hear my teacher because he’s a man and men have strong voices.

Kayleigh, 7


My cochlear wouldn’t fit inside my helmet so I had a signing teacher.

Elise, 8


Art and Computers
I like to do art, computers, I like to paint. I’m good on the computers. I like to play internet games.

Molly, 8


I’m a catcher, and that’s really easy because you’re the one giving the signs to the pitcher, so you get to know all that. You get to see the whole field so you don’t have to worry about knowing where everyone is. I think the best advice is to tell the coach that you’re deaf; that you would like to have some signs and stuff. I think that’s an advantage when you’re playing against other teams because they have no idea what you’re gonna do!


Evan, 11


I would ask the coach to make signs for the whole team on what to do that play. And if he has a loud voice just tell him to scream. But signing is probably the best thing. If you’re playing outfield you should probably have a sign like “Plays at first,” or if you’re playing infield, watch the double play or something.

Evan, 11


Playing Marco Polo
I swim a lot and hearing aids are not waterproof, so I need to take them out. There is a game called Marco Polo and with my hearing loss, instead of shouting ‘Polo,’ we will splash the water because it is the same thing. That is how we change things based on our hearing loss.

Trista, 13


Reading, Shopping, That Kind of Thing!
I like to read. I like to go to the movies. I like sitting at home. I like to go shopping. I enjoy mysteries, novels and funny books.

Cristina, 13


I like going swimming. When we go swimming, we take our cochlear implants off because if we go swimming with them on we would damage everything! During those times, we read lips. Sometimes we can’t hear, so they turn off lights to let us know its time to go.


Nadir, 13


I’m the Ski Team Captain
In the winter I break out my skis. Skiing is my favorite hobby because it can be as relaxing or exhilarating as I choose. If I am in a contemplative mood, I can take my time and ski down an easy cruising trail. If I want to get my adrenaline going, I can charge down a steep mogul studded slope. In addition to skiing recreationally, I ski competitively for my school’s ski racing team. This year I am the male team captain.

Jesse, 18


I Play in a Music Band
I express myself through music. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, whether it is with my friends, my brother, or just by myself. I play mostly classic rock and blues, and I play some jazz as well. I recently started a band where we have invented our own genre of music, comedy metal.

Jesse, 18


Different Activities and Clubs
Some activities and clubs I have participated in were dance, volleyball, and the national honor society. What I most liked about dance was that I was able to express myself through movement and it was just something I’ve always enjoyed. My favorite thing about volleyball was the fact that I was able to participate in a team sport and meet a lot of new friends. The national honor society was something I liked because it gave me motivation to volunteer for causes and lead projects that benefited the community.

Ashley, 19