You can build resilience in kids. Every time I’ve seen violence happening between kids, it’s this lack of coping mechanisms that make them go straight to the violent behavior. They don’t know how to take a loss. So, someone insults them, and they can’t take feeling embarrassed in front of other people, so they react violently. You need to build those skills in your kid because if they don’t have it, they’re going to find another way to cope with it and nine times out of ten it’s not a positive thing.


We need to know each other
Know who your neighbors are. Know their first name and their last name. Have events where the neighborhood comes together, like a block party or a neighborhood cleanup day. Just doing more neighborly things and being friendly to one another. We’ve lost that, and that makes all of us feel alienated and alone. When you feel alienated and alone, you don’t trust people and you feel like everyone’s out to get you. You don’t understand, you get on the defensive, and communication stops. We need to know each other. You’re far less likely to cuss someone out or get in an argument with them or fight them if you know them and their kids.


I believe in education
When a kid gets in trouble, we don’t have to lock him up in jail. We can try to help him out and find out what the situation is. I believe in education. What do they do in jail? Are they learning anything? Are they doing a trade so when they come out they could give back into the population? No! Also, they are with other delinquent kids, so they could come out in worse shape because they’re following the other kids.