The Diabetes Experience Journal was made possible by contributions from the Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry. Dr. David DeMaso, Editor, and Sneha Rao, former Project Coordinator, worked collaboratively with Maryanne Quinn, MD and Jennifer Rein, LICSW from the Diabetes Program at Boston Children’s Hospital to create this Experience Journal for families facing pediatric Diabetes.

This project could not have been possible without the additional support of a team of reviewers including Nicole Marcus, PhD, Erin Collins, LICSW, Christina Nikitopoulos, EdM, and members of the Editorial Board. We would also like to thank students, Elisabeth Modestino, Carlyn Burdick, Melissa Alexander, and Amy Hardcastle for their help transcribing, organizing, and editing content.

Video clips of the family interview were produced and edited by Dixon Yun. The content was uploaded to the site and organized by Timothy DeMaso.

Finally, and most importantly, we extend enormous gratitude to all of the families who generously provided their stories for the Diabetes Experience Journal.