You have to work really hard.Cerebral palsy is something that you get when you are born. And you, you use devices. Like, I use braces. You just use the device to help you walk better. And you have to do exercises and you just have to work really hard to get the goals that you want to get in your life. That’s basically what it is.


Madison, 10


I feel like a normal kid
It’s never really affected me. I feel like I’m a normal kid. I’m here and I just do what I need to do.

Olivia, 11


Focus on what you can do
There are some things I wish I could do, like riding a big roller coaster or simply getting up and running around. I felt frustrated and left out. I try to deal with the things I can’t do by focusing on the things I can do. Trying new things opens up new opportunities for me

Stephanie, 14


Learning to be independent and strong
I have been embarrassed and ashamed at many times in my life because there are so many things that are difficult for me and they are easy for my friends. My friends see this and it makes them remember I am different from them. I hate when people look down on me, or feel sorry for me. I have been able to learn how be more independent and strong with physical therapy. At Mass Hospital School I am surrounded by people like me so I feel more accepted. I think I have much more confidence and self-esteem then I did when I was younger.

Stephanie, 14


Well, physically I’ve got cerebral palsy, so I can’t run as fast as they can and I can’t exactly tie my shoes like they can. I can’t just get up and go like they can.


Ruby, 15


The life of the party
I walk with a limp. But other than that, I am the life of the party or of the day, to say the least.

David, 18


My medical labeling
I don’t really like how the medical stuff is cut and dry. It doesn’t leave room for interpretation at all. Like, I’m coded quadriplegic. I’m not quadriplegic at all. I only have one arm that is affected, but they don’t have the term “triplegic.” I tell people all the time triplegic and they’re like, “Huh?” And I’m like, “Well, I’m coded quad.”

Robert, 21


Even the simple things take more time. Having cerebral palsy involves doing things with extra support, even the simple things take more time. For me, it is not easy for me to hold a cup of water with one hand and therefore I have to hold the cup of water with two hands. There are other simple things that will take more time to do than the average person, such as tying shoe laces, brushing your teeth, and doing and undoing a button.


Karthik, 27


Talking in public
I feel ashamed and embarrassed whenever I chat with others in public. My friends or family members would say that I am talking too loudly and that’s when I feel embarrassed. I have to remind myself to talk slowly and softly, so I do not disturb others.

Karthik, 27