The Bereavement Experience Journal was made possible by Paola Rodriguez, MA and Sneha Rao, RN from the Department of Psychiatry, Marsha Joselow, LICSW from the Pediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT), and Dita Obler, Genetic Counselor from Cardiology, who worked as a multidisciplinary team to identify, recruit, interview, and debrief families from across hospital services who shared this experience. We would also like to thank Johanna Black, MS, CCLS for her support throughout this project.

We would like to thank our team of reviewers: William Beardslee, MD, Dorothy Beke, RN, Eugene D’Angelo, PhD, Lauren Gaskill, PhD, Jake Hirshberg, Cynthia Levin, RN, and Carrie Morris. We would also like to thank students Michele Jefferson, Abby Moore, Natasha Sokol, Meghan Meyerson, and Elisabeth Modestino for their help transcribing, organizing, and editing the content. The video clips of the family interviews were produced and edited by Dixon Yun, formerly of Boston Children’s Hospital Media Communications.

It has been an honor and privilege to have so many families and clinicians share their intimate experiences and insights into the tremendous sadness of the death of a child. Most importantly, we want to thank the families for their generosity in sharing so honestly and frankly their love for their children.