I was resistant to being on medication more out of resistance to doing what my parents wanted me to do. I felt as though I wanted to do what I wanted and if they wanted me to be on medication then I didn’t want to. My mom made sure I took it every day; I didn’t have much choice. Looking back, it did help.


Amy, 23


Fighting with family
My mom says my sisters noticed a lot when I started taking my medicine because I didn’t fight with them as much.

Miles, 7


When parents don’t understand
I never thought about how my dad might view it before, but a couple of weeks ago I had to write an essay and my medicine had obviously worn off and I couldn’t find the Ritalin I take in the afternoon. I had no idea where it was so I couldn’t take it. So I had no medicine and I had to write an essay and he was like, “Just write it. Just sit down and write it in an hour.” I was like “Well, Dad, I can’t write an essay in an hour, even with my medicine. I can’t write an essay in an hour no matter what.” He was like, “Well write it in an hour and a half.” I was like, “Dad, I can’t.” He just doesn’t want to understand. He thinks that ADHD is something that because I have medicine I can work past it. Because I can work past most things he thinks I can work past everything, but I can’t. Sometimes I just wish he would get that.

Stephanie, 16


Keeping me on track
If it’s like really late and I’m working on a huge project my parents will help me and keep me on track. My mom keeps track of my deadlines, like college stuff, so that helps a lot.

Julie, 18


My sister’s focus problems
My sister had focus problems like me, but she never took medicine. She was allowed extended time for papers and stuff like that. I take medication but I don’t have any extended time or anything. I just do what everyone else does.

Julie, 18